nooshin safakhoo


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Being in safari!!!
Watching an elephant group that are following each other,
Sleeper lions under the hot sun,
Thirsty zebras near a small lake,
All of them could be an fantastic picture with a deeply story behind,
But most of them I’m eager to see is a group of deer who they are running under moon
While the egotistical leader in front.


  1. how wonderfully done! thanks for sharing!
    and my congratulations to being invited to bologna - i am green with envy, but you definitely deserve it [i will never ever make it there *laugh* so don't worry]

    have a nice evening!

  2. hello Nooshin. Thank you for stopping by. I like the mention of the egotistical leader. Haha! Do you draw these in pen and ink? Congratulations on the Bologna Book fair.

  3. Lovely drawing, I can see him running! Congratulations on being chosen for Bologna, your drawings are beautiful.